Mid Week Flash 90 – Fairy Gate

I wasnt sure whether to tag this piece as being part of Miranda Kate’s Mid Week Flash or not, given that I’ve used her picture as a prompt for a poem this time, which I think might be against the rules. The general guidelines can be found here if you’d like to join in. I’ve also used … Continue reading “Mid Week Flash 90 – Fairy Gate”

Mid Week Flash Week 36 – Perfect Moments

Thanks to Miranda Kate  for this week’s prompt The General Guidelines can be found here. Perfect Moments I was going to tell her. Years I’d been building up to this. All the times I almost said something, all the times I nearly kissed her, all those times I should’ve told her I’m in love with … Continue reading “Mid Week Flash Week 36 – Perfect Moments”

Mid Week Flash – Ocean Dreams

It’s week 25 of Miranda Kate’s Mid Week Flash challenge, and illness, work and general life chaos has meant I haven’t been able to participate as much as I’d have liked to, but this week’s image really spoke to me. Anyone is welcome to join in, the general guidelines can be found here. This week’s … Continue reading “Mid Week Flash – Ocean Dreams”

Mid Week Flash – In The Mirror

My next offering for Miranda‘s Mid Week Flash challenge. The General Guidelines can be found here. This week’s prompt was taken in a former, now abandoned, TB sanatorium in Grabowsee, Oranienburg, Germany, which is a little north of Berlin. It was taken by someone over on Flicker called Michael. In the Mirror They say I’m mad, but I’m not. That woman in … Continue reading “Mid Week Flash – In The Mirror”

Mid Week Flash Challenge Week 5 – You Are My Heart

My next entry for Miranda Kate’s Mid Week Flash challenge, week 5 the General Guidelines for which are here.       This week’s prompt photo was created by Marcela Bolivar, a digital artist from Columbia. You can check out some of her other wonderful creations on her website here. You are my heart   Once, I am sure, I was complete. … Continue reading “Mid Week Flash Challenge Week 5 – You Are My Heart”

Mid Week Flash Week 3 – The Beat Goes on

My next entry for Miranda Kate’s mid week flash challenge, inspired by this guy:      The picture prompt this week is by  Ekaterina Zakharova, a Russian photographer who named him ‘1Fairy’. You can find more on her Deviant Art page.The General Guidelines for the mid-week flas challenge are here.       The Beat Goes On   The … Continue reading “Mid Week Flash Week 3 – The Beat Goes on”

Mid Week Flash Challenge Week 2 – Blue Sky

Blue Sky I’m coming in to this party fashionably late , since it’s week 2, but this is my piece for Miranda Kate’s  Mid-Week Flash Challenge. The picture is the prompt, and is by Kasia Derwinska, a polish art photographer. It’s the picture that keeps me going. Because fuck, it’s dark here. There’s no end … Continue reading “Mid Week Flash Challenge Week 2 – Blue Sky”

TBR – Mid-Week Flash 106

My 11th hour offering for Week 106 of Miranda Kate’s mid-week flash challenge. This weeks photo prompt is of a bookstore/library in Yangzhou, eastern China, taken by photographer Shao Feng. If you want to join in with mid week flash, The General Guidelines can be found here, or you can join the Facebook group for Mid-Week Flash, if you fancy … Continue reading “TBR – Mid-Week Flash 106”

Painting Over Mother

Painting Over Mother is my entry for this week’s Mid Week Flash (week 242!), which is run by Miranda Kate. The picture this week was taken by her. Anyone can enter this weekly flash challenge. The General Guidelines can be found here. Come and write! Painting Over Mother It was no good trying to put it off any … Continue reading “Painting Over Mother”

Pool of Players – Author Interview

Regular followers of this blog will already be familiar with Miranda Kate (aka Miranda Boers) from my sporadic attempts at her regular Mid Week Flash challenge. You may not know she is also a fantastic, genre-bending author with a string of dark and twisty novels under her belt. Miranda Kate’s Pool of Players, sequel to … Continue reading “Pool of Players – Author Interview”

The Show Must Go On (Encore)

I realised halfway through writing this that this isn’t the first time I’ve used these particular monsters in a story and although I didn’t set out to I’ve almost written a continuation/sequel to the original here- hence this story being called The Show Must Go On (Encore). The Show Must Go On (Encore) Like most … Continue reading “The Show Must Go On (Encore)”

In The Liminal

Mid-Week Flash Challenge – Week 229 It has been a while since I joined in with Miranda Kate’s mid-week flash challenge, but this little piece – which I’ve called In The Liminal for now, but I’m not sure about that title-just popped up in my head out of nowhere. It wasn’t until I was halfway … Continue reading “In The Liminal”

5 Top Tips To smashing Your Preptober

Getting the most out of your novel planning time In 2020 I attempted – and managed- my biggest NaNoWriMo challenge to date: 80,000 words in 30 days, an epic sequel to my previous NaNoWriMo effort, which followed Malcolm The Werefox from A Tale of Two Princes. Along the way lots of fellow writers, and those … Continue reading “5 Top Tips To smashing Your Preptober”

We’ve Never Had It So Good.

Shit, my head is banging. I didn’t think I was that drunk last night, but it feels like someone came in the night and replaced my tongue with a sock full of sand. I can’t even remember the election result, let alone getting home and going to bed. Maybe I fell asleep before it was … Continue reading “We’ve Never Had It So Good.”