#FreeVBook Giveaway

I’ve reached a milestone on creating the final Strange Stories book so to celebrate I’m giving away a free signed copy of one of my books, in my #FreeVBook giveaway.

Entry is free and unlimited

You can enter the #FreeVBook giveaway for free, as many times as you like. All you need to do is tell me which of my stories you like best, and why you love it.

You can choose a story from Strange Love, Strange Worlds, choose a short from my notebook, my twitter, or my instagram, or maybe you like A Tale of Two Princes best. All of my creative writing is included, so if your favourite is a poem or spoken word piece, that’s fine, as long as you can tell me why you like it.

How to Enter

Enter by either commenting on this post,the post of the story you like, or tagging me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and telling me the story title, and why you like that particular piece.

If you’re shy about commenting in public, you can email me.

If you like more than one and want to enter multiple times that’s fine, but leave a different comment for each entry (so I don’t miss any!), and please only enter once for each story (for example if you love both Heart of Ice and Blue and Green, you can enter the #FreeVBook giveaway twice, but please don’t comment with Blue and Green lots of times on multiple platforms).

Boring Bits

I’ll be picking the winner of the #FreeVBook at random, in the next couple of weeks. If you’re picked I will contact you on the platform you entered on and ask you to DM me details of where to send your prize and who to sign it to. If, after 28 days, the winner doesn’t respond or decides for whatever reason they don’t want the prize, another entry will be picked at random instead.

I’ll also be collating some of your responses to use (credited to you) on this website. By entering you agree to this unless you specifically tell me you don’t want your words to be used.

This #FreeVBook giveaway is completely free to enter. If you’d like to chip in some change toward the upkeep of my starving artist lifestyle you can do so here, with my utmost thanks, but donating or not won’t effect the competition at all.

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Author: Victoria Pearson

Victoria Pearson lives behind a keyboard somewhere in rural Bedfordshire, with her husband, her four children and her dog. She writes very strange stories.

3 thoughts on “#FreeVBook Giveaway”

  1. My favourite story is A Tale of Two Princes because I like the dynamics of all the different people’s powers in one story. I like the Men in Black style setting, especially the alien’s names and cultures, and I found Doctor Prinze really likeable.

  2. I love strange worlds, the characters and plots have a lot of depth.
    And the style of writing is unique and amazing.

  3. I’m torn between Heart of Snow in Strange Love (because Mrs Frost is awesome and it’s the most original love story I’ve read in ages) and Blue and Green, the one you published the other day, because it paints such a startling image of our future.

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