A Tale of Two Princes

Sleeping Beauty meets The Frog Prince in this short but perfectly formed modern fairytale re-telling.

Doctor Prinze is happy in his secretive job at a very unusual hospital. He takes pride in asking unfussed questions however strange the patient seems when they are wheeled through his door, and is happy going home to his gadgets and his uncomplicated quiet.

When Dr Prinze is asked to make room on his ward for some potentially contagious extra-terrestrial visitors, it triggers a chain of events that changes everything forever…

Reviewers say…

A sweet and whimsical love story with an unusual twist, I found it an enjoyable read from start to finish.”

This author’s writing is maturing with every new release and she has a knack of leaving a seed of curiosity in the mind after the story is done.”

This unconventional love story is beautifully told and certainly entertains, with a satisfying conclusion that had me sighing happily. Victoria Pearson has twisted yet another fairy tale and given it a fresh kick. Five stars.

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You can buy A Tale of Two Princes on Amazon as both a paperback and an ebook. It is also available in a variety of electronic formats from Smashwords, or you can order it from your local library.

A Tale of Two Princes is a standalone novelette. You can read an interview with two of the characters, Gloria Nelson and Charles Prinze, here, and find out more about the novel it inspired here.

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