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Welcome to the strange worlds of Victoria Pearson, writer of the Strange Stories series, A Tale of Two Princes, and Once Upon a Twisted Fairytale, the Victoria’s Notebook blog and creator of the creative prompt journal designed to help you love yourself, My Strange Notebook.

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Victoria Pearson lives behind a keyboard somewhere in rural Bedfordshire, with her husband, her four children, and her dog. She writes very strange stories.

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My Strange Notebook

My Strange Notebook is the journal for those too chaotically creative to journal!

Contains creative prompts to help you get started with writing your own strange stories, doodle pages, pages to empty out your brain, and journal prompts to help you feel more confident, self-assurred and positive during these strange times.

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My Strange Notebook is 225 pages and the size of a standard paperback, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. The pages are fully bound so they won’t fall out, however rough you are with it.

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“You look at the prompt, think “oh, that’s daft!” then think “Yes, but…..” & have a go, and accept the challenge, & lo & behold, you’re scribbling something!
We all need a kick up the backside sometimes!”

I really love this note book.
Beautifully designed, very well made and the small touches, such as the creative prompts really make it stand out

It’s chunkier & thicker than I expected & beautifully designed inside. I love it.”

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Fancy reading some Strange Stories to get you in the mood? Try Strange Love, Strange Worlds, A Tale of Two Princes, or Once Upon A Twisted Fairytale.

Let My sunshine In

Oh no, not another amateur ukulele song!

I’m genuinely sorry to keep doing this to you. But remember how I told you back in my Lockdown Blues post, that back in 2019 I promised myself 2020 would be the year I pushed out of my comfort zone and do more things that scare me? And I started trying to make some music, because though that wasn’t what I envisioned, it is really scary? Well I’ve done that again. Sorry.

So here’s my latest ukulele song. I’ve been playing since February (it’s now late August), and you can tell I’m very much a beginner, but I had fun doing it.

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Lockdown Blues

I’ve never been a musical person. But back in February I got a little blue ukulele for my birthday. I never intended to inflict my “music” on you, but then coronavirus happened and the whole world went a bit weird and now – despite being unable to sing and virtually unable to play – I’ve written a blues song about being locked down with 4 kids (I’ve also started a cult, but that’s a different story!). I think we all have a bit of Lockdown Blues!

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If I Were Your Phone Screen

If I were your phone screen
Would you gaze at me
As your fingertips
Softly stroke my face?
Would you share
That secret smile
That you save only for me?
Would you lose
Entire days
Staring into me
Exploring all the depths I contain?
If I were your phone screen
Would you reach for me
When you can’t sleep
Would I be the first thing you turn to
When you wake
Would you fall asleep
With me in your hand?
If I were your phone screen
Would I feel like you are here?

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