My Strange Notebook

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My Strange Notebook


The self help journal for those who don’t believe in self help and are too chaotic to journal. Packed with prompts, and a free pen.

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My Strange Notebook is the 225 page journal for those too chaotically creative to journal.

This diary/notebook/journal/drawing pad contains creative writing prompts, doodle pages, and pages designed to inspire positivity and grow self-esteem so you can nurture your own creativity. The compact size – the size of a standard paperback – makes it easy to tuck into a bag or pocket and take your creative journey with you wherever you need to go, allowing you to have moments of mindfulness and creative positivity even on your daily commute. Whether you’re a blocked writer, an artist searching for inspiration, a keen amateur wanting to bring more positive creative energy in your life, or are dipping your toe into the world of morning pages, self help and guided journaling, this notebook will help inspire and prompt you towards better mental health and increased creative productivity.

Or you could just use it for jotting down your shopping lists. Whatever works for you.

Contains 225 pages for you to write and draw on, which include creative writing prompts, drawing pages, mindful and positive journal prompts, and list ideas that will make you happier, although not more organised.


Order direct from the author and get a free pen to help you get started.

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2 reviews for My Strange Notebook

  1. Robert

    A Great notebook with plenty of pages, and is perfect size to take anywhere. 10/10 would buy again lol

  2. TheND

    Amazing book with so much activities to do and very positive. This is really good for if you are into mindfulness and even if you’re having a good day. It’s amazing at reflecting on things as well. ?

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