Once Upon A Twisted Fairytale

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Once Upon A Twisted Fairytale

Fairytale Retellings that are NOT for children.

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From the author of the Strange Stories series and A Tale of Two Princes comes Once Upon A Twisted Fairytale; ten classic fairytale re-tellings for grown-ups, twisted as only Victoria Pearson can.

What if Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother didn’t want to be saved? What if Cinderella’s prince was actually a bit of a creep? What exactly was Prince Charming doing kissing a girl he found in a coffin anyway? Find out why you should always be careful what you wish for, why you shouldn’t trust Hansel and Gretel just because they look sweet, and why you really don’t want to displease Mr Elffe.

Grab some iron to protect you from the shining ones, some salt to throw in the face of the fairies, and see what happened once upon a twisted fairytale…

Some of these stories have appeared in some form in other short story collections by Victoria Pearson.



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Once Upon A Twisted Fairytale

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2 reviews for Once Upon A Twisted Fairytale

  1. Lila

    Oh wow. All of these retellings felt fresh but I really loved the lesbian Cinderella story. The Elves and the Shoemaker story was hilarious, and the Red Ridinghood one made me cry. Great for picking up and dipping into for a quick escape.

  2. Michael Wombat

    There can be no greater compliment from one author to another than to admire writing so good that they wish it had come from their own mind instead. Such is the case here. Wonderfully thoughtful twists and clever writing make for a stunningly satisfying read. I envy Victoria Pearson her talent, and wish I’d written this book.

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