Strange Times (Strange Stories 3)

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Strange Times – book 3 of the Strange Stories series

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Strange Times: Sinister Stories and Tangled Tales is the third short story collection in the Strange Stories Series.

Explore thirteen dark tales that deal with love, loss, hope, and resilience. See Angels and Demons as you’ve never encoubtered them before, enjoy a new twist on Father Christmas, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel, and live a day in the life of a spider.
Jump into a darkly fascistic world, or one where the ocean is a myth, find out why reading the small print is always advised, or discover how to find God, drinking water whisky in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere.

We Live In Strange Times….

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1 review for Strange Times (Strange Stories 3)

  1. Miranda Boers

    I’m a fan of Victoria Pearson’s stories and collections, but this one is the best one so far. Some superb stories and tangled up fairy tales in this book.

    Favourites are ‘Blue and Green’, which is a sci-fi dystopian tale about what might be our future if our planet dries up. ”Comfort and Protection’ is another sci-fi where you really have to be careful what you pray for. ‘It is Written’ is a perfect new age, modern twist on Cinderella and what would happen if her fairy godmother was much younger. But the one that stood out the most for me was ‘Terms and Conditions’ which will make you wonder what you are really signing when you click through the accept button when buying something online. Really unique and dark – I especially liked the ticking of the clock – you have to read it to understand.

    I could actually rave about them all individually, but those four were the stand out tales for me. And I also liked the micro poetry between stories.

    There’s so much to read and enjoy in this collection. I definitely recommend picking up a copy.

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